Cooking Tips: Ipoh Hor Fun

With its unique smooth and flat texture, the Ipoh Hor Fun is best prepared with a gravy or soup base with a popular variation such as Shredded Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun

Scroll down for 5 Handpicked Recipe Ideas For You.

General Cooking Directions:

Blanch: 10-20 seconds
Stir-Fry: 20-30 seconds


5 Handpicked Recipe Ideas For You:

1. Shredded Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun (recipe)

One of Ipoh's most renowned dish.

2. Vietnamese Pho (recipe)

Comfort Food. Easy to follow Vietnamese specialty.

3. Malaysian Chicken Noodle Soup (recipe)

Warm, Rich, and Savoury broth.

4. Cantonese Stir Fry Ipoh Hor Fun (recipe)

Children-friendly comfort food.

5. Stir Fry Fish with Ginger (recipe)

Stir fry fish with ginger - great with Ipoh Hor Fun.