Cooking Tips: Taukwa

Firm in texture with a rich beany taste, LG Taukwa can be deep fried or used in stir fried, pan fried or braised dishes.


5 Handpicked Recipe Ideas for You:

1. Soy Braised Beancurd Pot (recipe)

One for all the soy sauce lovers out there.

2. Fried Tau Kwa with Tomatoes (recipe)

Juicy tofu pieces with delectable tomato & fish sauce gravy.

3. Honey Sesame Tau Kwa  (recipe)

Perfect as a meal or a happy hour snack.

4. Braised Bean Curd with Mushrooms (recipe)

Claypot Bean Curd, perfect for rainy or colder days.

5. Taukwa with Minced Meat (recipe)

With minced meat, garlic, and fermented black bean sauce.