Cooking Tips: Hor Fun

Hor Fun, a type of wide Chinese rice noodles, is often stir-fried and generously doused with egg gravy in a dish called Char Hor Fun. Scroll down 5 Handpicked Recipe Ideas For You.


As we only use natural preservatives for our Hor Fun, in this case malic acid (derived from apples), the noodles might have a slight sour taste if eaten plainly. Thus, you may rest assured that this sour taste is not necessarily an indication of food spoilage.

To balance out the flavour to be eaten with soup, we recommend blanching the hor fun separately before adding it to your soup.

If eating without soup, we recommend adding some seasonings/gravy (E.g. soy sauce) to your noodle dish.


General Cooking Directions:

Blanch: 5-10 seconds
Stir-Fry: 15-20 seconds

5 Handpicked Recipe Ideas For You:

1. Penang Style Char Hor Fun (recipe)

A popular Penang favourite "bribe" to get for their spouse's parents.

2. Silky Egg Hor Fun (recipe)

Silky Egg Gravy, better than your takeouts.

3. Singapore Beef & Seafood Hor Fun (recipe)

Classic Singapore hawker favourite.

4. Vegetarian Chow Fun (recipe)

One for all the vegetarians!

5. San Lou Hor Fun (recipe)

Quick and easy hor fun with sliced fish.