Leong Guan, your one-stop food solutions provider. As Singapore’s largest fresh noodle manufacturer, Leong Guan is a trusted partner in the food service industry, supplying to hawkers, Michelin guide accredited restaurants and customising recipes for chain eateries.

Here’s why our customers trust us.

Strong raw material control
We exercise strict screening of raw materials and evaluate suppliers based on  merit, having to undergo a robust procurement process, to ensure reliable and safe ingredients used to make our products

Efficient product development process 
Traditionally, manufacturers rely on hand-me-down recipes that are incompatible with today’s regulatory requirements.
As an industry leader that is anchored in food science, our R&D department performs extensive research of the market needs to develop new, authentic and improved recipes to deliver innovative and high-quality products to our customers. Products are formulated based on research instead of modification of existing Chinese style noodles.

Our Fresh Pasta series are made from semolina flour sourced from an Italian flour mill, and Wholegrain noodles are carefully formulated with authentic wholegrain alternatives to achieve the right taste and texture with zero compromise.   

We are always looking to improve our existing offerings to cater to the growing needs in the market

Process-driven production
As opposed to traditional manufactures that rely heavily on key workers which can result in inconsistent quality, our well-trained production team manufacture based on following a well-established set of procedures put in place to ensure consistent quality.   You can be assured that all products delivered are consistent in appearance, taste and texture.

Advanced production machinery
To boost production productivity and quality, we  invest in the best machinery and equipment and constantly upgrade them to the latest innovations in the industry. Maintenance is also done  professionally by both in-house team and external vendors  to ensure a safe working environment for our employees.

Strict hygiene standards
Awarded with ISO 22000 certifications, we maintain high standard of hygiene and sanitation, especially in our production site.  Our production team have undergone food safety training.  We adhere to SFA guidelines and have routinue checks in place by our team of Quality Assurance personnels.

Gold standard accounting practices
We believe that transparency is the foundation of trust. To assure stakeholders that proper processes are put in place to ensure the reliability of our accounts, we are audited by top accounting firms to provide credible financial statements.