Noodles Lover- Yellow Noodles

Noodles Lover- Yellow Noodles

Yellow noodles is a type of Asian Noodles which is very popular among South East Asia. (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and etc.) It can be made into local delicious and  favourite cuisine like Fishball noodles, Mee Goreng, Hokkien Mee, Prawn Mee and etc.



Have you ever wondered why yellow?

The reason why it is called Yellow Noodles is due to its appearance. Lye water is added as an ingredient to give it a bright standard look of the yellow noodles and also its springy texture. The typical ingredients of Yellow Noodles consists of Wheat flour, Water, Salt and alkaline Salt (Lye Water). Lye water is also known as Kan Shui ( 碱水).



LG's Yellow Noodles

At LG, we produce our noodles fresh daily. The shelf life of the typical Yellow Noodles is usually 3,4 days and is a stable food. However with technology, the shelf life  of our noodles is extended to 1 month by using Pasteurization. The process kills pathogenic microbes which makes it even safer for consumption and extending the product's shelf life.  It could even be further extended to 3 months and retain its freshness and texture by refrigerating them at 2-7 0c.

As we had gathered feedbacks from our customers, some might not like the taste of alkaline salt as they find it too "strong".  Good news to those who prefer lesser alkaline taste noodles! Recently, we had launched Low Alkaline Yellow Noodles. It's specially designed for our consumers who prefer lesser taste of alkaline. Check them out in  Sheng Siong Supermarket now!


Cooking Tip: As our noodles are par cooked during the making process, you'll only need to blanch in boiling water about 15 seconds and then add them into your favourite dish to enjoy the tasty and springiness of Yellow Noodles!


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